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Of Games, Gaijin and Gals

You would think that in an industry where young ladies of the cosplaying-anti-clothes-wearing “booth babe” persuasion were the norm at expos, folks would cease to balk at the prospect of female gamers. As a black American, I am not what m...


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Growing up as a latch-key kid on the rough streets of JRPG-ia, Niki fought her way out and finally made it to FPS-ton. After living abroad, she returned to find Action-gamington was...
Aw, forget it. I am a young lass working in game retail. I do my best to play everything once but I have come to consider myself an experienced RPG gamer. I approach the majority of things I review as a former English major, (as in a long-winded fashion) and as such, I love to discuss the ins and outs of storytelling in digital media.