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So I finally got a PS3...

..and I still don't think I'm happy about it.

A little history: I'm not a fan of the PS3 and I'm not a huge fan of the games. There are a few that seem like they would be interesting but nothing that would really make me want the system. I generally like to have a nice selection of games, especially if I'm going to blow $450+ on a console and the PS3 just doesn't have that.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, onto the article!

So I just recently moved to a new condo (that is fantastic by the way) and I also happened to move in with the girlfriend. She has this thing where she doesn't like seeing my many many movies which is a problem. I do have a DVD cabinet that can hold all my movies but I fail at putting things together and it's a piece of shit. It survived my last move in a sense that it can still hold DVD's but the middle cabinets often fall, the doors don't really close, the top isn't level, and the left side shelves often fall and will fall when I open the left side door. So it's a piece of crap and needs to go.

So the girlfriend and I have been looking around for a decent cabinet but none of them really look nice or hold enough DVD's to hold my massive collection. We find a few we both like but any of them are just too small. Well, tonight I decided to be nice and I decided to sell 100+ of my DVD's, my Family Guy volumes 1-4, 24 seasons 1-5, Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and a few other series. So I head down to the local Movie Trading Company with a huge box overflowing with DVD's. I think the lady working there almost cried because it was about 8:45 and the store closed at 10 and she was probably in for a long night.

So I wander around the store for the good hour it takes her to go through all the DVD's and I get to looking at the place. I come to the realization that I'm either going to get screwed if they give me cash or have a lot of store credit and will have to buy a lot of movies to use. I look around some more at their selection of games and accessories and I see a used 80GB PS3 with two controllers and Motorstorm. Like I said, I really don't want a PS3 so I was just kind of kidding myself thinking yeah, if I get $450 in trade (which I didn't think I would get) I'll get the stupid thing. So I continue to browse and find the awesome random CD they were playing and a NES AC adapter (AWESOME-- I've been looking for one of these for years).

Anyways, the lady finally calls me up and tells me she can't take a few DVD's because they're scratched and some don't have art (old Blockbuster movies I forgot to turn on-- whoops). She tells me I can either get like $230 cash or like $450 trade in. Shit. I really hate getting screwed on the cash part so I reluctantly take the trade in and tell her to get the used PS3. I ask her if it included everything and she said yes and then also tells me she thinks it had barely been used except for when she tested it. Woohoo, whatever.

While checking out she asks me if I was excited about my PS3 and I of course tell her not really. In fact, I can see it being an awesome dust magnet and I was much more excited about the NES AC adapter. She gave me a funny look and I went on my merry way.

So on the way home I remember a terrible thing about the PS3: it comes with standard cables. Fuck. I rush over to Gamestop to pick up some cables and the doucebag closed early. I then go to Target and it's closed by the time I get there. I finally go to Walmart and they of course don't have the damn cables. Motherfucker.

I get home quite unhappy and frown as I lug my shiny new PS3 up the stairs and hook it up. I was already pissed that I have to deal with the crap cables for a night-- actually, lets stop for a minute. Why the FUCK do you advertise your crappy console everywhere as this beautiful HD machine that plays better than awesome BluRay discs that would make God cry and the games look so real you might just have to duck behind your couch and not include the damn component cables. Why? If all this shit matters with your damn trojan horse BluRay bullshit matters give me something so I can actually take advantage of it. Oh, that's right. Sony has to cut every corner because they just had to put in BluRay so they took out the one thing that would make you be able to take advantage. I fucking hate Sony sometimes.

Anyways, back to the story. I'm unpacking my console and pissed that I have to deal with the standard cables and I notice something: I only have one damn controller. Fuck you Movie Trading Company. I asked if that shit was all there and I got out of there in a hurry because you were closing and wanted me out of there. I thought about going back there tomorrow and bitching to them but they would more than likely just tell me the controller was in there when I got the box. Fuck you guys, it's not worth it. I'm going to buy another controller when the rumble one comes out anyways (fuck you again Sony for not including that in the first place) so whatever.

So I finally power up my PS3 and go through their horrible menu system and looked at what my previous owner did. It looked as though he did do a little more that the clerk at Movie Trading Company told me (I guessed that from the condition of the box) but I really don't care. One thing I did notice was that the fucktard who had the console before me didn't erase all his information from the drive including all his PS store stuff. He's lucky I'm nice and didn't go on a shopping spree. Anyways, I wander through their fucking terrible menus and long ass user agreement and finally get everything setup.

So yeah, I have a PS3 now and I'm really not upset I'm not playing it. I might get Uncharted if the demo turns out to be good and I'll give Motorstorm a whirl but I have the funny feeling it will mainly be me BluRay player-- go go Netflix.
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