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Ebay deals with only idiots who can't tpye to thank.

Todays current awesome Ebay deals (and some laughs) thinks to complete idiots and Fat Fingers. Enjoy.

Wii Console
Idiot misspelled Wii. Looks like you get skins for your remote and nunchuck but it isn't listed in the action so don't know. In any case, you get a Wii for $249 plus $35 shipping. You could consider the shipping as trouble for finding one.

Nintendo Wii for $420!! What a deal when the MSRP in the US is $599 according to the auction!
This one isn't so much a deal but it's funny because they saw the MSRP is $599. Yay for blatent lies!.

PS3, some games, 2 controllers, and some movies for $500 plsu $35 shipping.
If you're looking for a PS3, this is definitely a decent deal.

60gb PS3 and 2 controllers for $300.
Sounds like a great deal but the user states he is only selling local and reserves the right to end the auction at any time. I don't really know if he can do that but could be worth a look if you live in the Newport, NC area.

60GB PS3, 2 controlers, 17 games, HDMI cord, 3 movies, and a 52" DPL TV - $102.50
This really sounds too good to be true but can't go wrong for $100. The guy has no feedback (negative in fact) so it might be a little scary but you get a lot for a little bit of money if you win. Sadly, there are already 6 bidders at time of posting so people may have already found this gem.
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