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So I finally got a PS3...

..and I still don't think I'm happy about it. A little history: I'm not a fan of the PS3 and I'm not a huge fan of the games. There are a few that seem like they would be interesting but nothing that would really make me want the system. ...


Odin Sphere: Fuck This Game

I had written yesterday about Odin Sphere and despite the really hard and below average gameplay I liked the game. Well, I played it more today and I'm hating this game more and more. I still love the sprites and all the artwork, but th...


Odin Sphere First Impressions

So earlier this month I saw an article for Odin Sphere and I just fell in love with the game instantly and preordered it on Amazon right away. Sadly, I have the attention span of a gnat and completely forgot about the game. Completely for...


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