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Wii Shortage = Almost Over?

If youíre like me, youíve been to several gaming stores and have never seen a Wii available for purchase. Itís a little ridiculous for a console that is 1.5 years old not to be available anywhere. I had always wondered why, analysts at ...


Red Rings O' Death!

For the 2nd time, I got the red rings of death tonight. My first experience with the red rings was with a brand new system. As soon as I got home with it, I set it up, turned it on and was greeted by the red rings. So I returned it and ...


BioShock on sale!

As we all know, BioShock was released today. And what I didnít know was itís already on sale. I got out of work and drove to Frys Electronics here in Southern California hoping to snag a copy without pre-ordering. Much to my surprise I w...


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