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More XBLA Games That Deserve Some Lovin' (and some that don't)


Due to a complete and total lack of self-control, I've wasted even MORE money on XBLA games. Some of them were actually worth it, others were just on sale (which means they suck). Anyway, I decided to go over these like I did the last ones, so I can save people from buying shitty Gaunt-I mean games. >_>

Assault Heroes

I picked this up almost on impulse, without really considering it beforehand. I played the demo and thought it was pretty cool, so I got it.

I've actually only played it once since I got it, but I did really fucking good (in my mind, at least) for my first try. Got 18th place on the weekly (or monthly, can't remember) leaderboard (for single player medium), so I felt pretty accomplished. XD

The game largely consists of driving a little car around and shooting stuff up Geometry Wars style (One stick moves, other shoots). There are four weapons, which can be upgraded through power-ups, which is pretty awesome. My favorite part is the fact that you don't die when your car blows up, you just have to continue on foot until it respawns. It's much nicer than losing a full life, but at the same time, you still need a little skill to survive until your car comes back.

Assault Heroes is awesome and you should get it if you like shooters. It has co-op, too, which I'm sure is awesome, though I haven't tried it yet.

Dig Dug

Do I really need to go over this one? Dig Dug is one of my favorite arcade games and the only game from the Labor Day sale that I actually wanted to get, anyway.

If you've played Dig Dug, you know what to expect. Definitely worth $2.50, but you may want to reflect upon how much you love Dig Dug before you drop the full $5 on it.


I have never beaten Doom. Not even a single episode. I had only played it a little bit before, only spending any real amount of time with it's mobile spin-off Doom RPG (which is fucking amazing, BTW, but I'll freak out about that next time).

As with Dig Dug, if you've played it, you know what to expect. It has four episodes of that hardcore, uncensored, pixelated violence that we've all come to love and Jack Thompson's come to hate.

Sadly, nobody plays online, but it's still fun for the single player at least.



Because I just can't say no to a sale, I bought Gauntlet along with the other three half-price titles. I think this is the only XBLA game I own that I do not like to any extent. Maybe it'd be kinda fun if you had four people. MAYBE. BIG MAYBE.

I only wasted $2.50 on this crap, but if you buy this now, it'll run you $5. Don't make the same mistake I did. Especially not for double the price. You could get something so much better for $5.

Small Arms

Another Labor Day impulse buy. It's not terrible, though.

Think Super Smash Bros. on the Xbox 360. Then, give all the characters guns. Finally, replace all the characters with furries. That's Small Arms for you.

It's not anywhere near as fun as Super Smash Bros, but it's okay for $5. Avoid it for $10, though.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Now THIS is a worthwhile purchase.

I'll be honest. I've never been much into fighting games. But, I am into puzzle games. I love puzzle games. LOVE 'EM. I played the trial and loved it, even though I never really played much Street Fighter.

I hear a lot of people bitching about the character sprites not being redone in HD and I can see where that would bother some people, but not me. I have a shitty SDTV, so everything looks equally shitty to me. :D

Either way, if you like puzzle games, get this. It's pretty freaking awesome and the extra modes just make it that much cooler. They have a mode that lets you play the game kinda like Tetris Attack. Only kinda, but still enough to make it awesome.


Wait, why did I get Uno? To be honest, I don't really know. Everyone and their mother seems to love this game, so I finally got it, just because I so desperately want to fit in with the cool kids.

It's.......Uno. I'm actually warming up to it, after playing online a bit. This game is much more exciting than you would think. It's put me on the edge of my fucking seat a few times.

I still can't shake the feeling that the only reason that people buy Uno is on the off-chance that they'll see some boobies while playing online, but it really isn't half-bad. Tons of people have it and the online community thrives, so I guess that's where it's main appeal comes from. It's kind of nice to have a game where you can ALWAYS find somebody to play against online.


So, yeah. Labor Day sale, etc, etc.

I hadn't played Zuma until I heard it was going on sale, at which point I looked it up and played it online. I loved it and bought it for the 360, but I have one MAJOR problem with it.

Every version of Zuma has better controls than the 360 version. Seriously, I liked the cell phone version's tiny excuse for a d-pad better than the 360's stick. I hate how you have to hold it in whatever direction you want to aim, as it makes aiming very tiring and imprecise.

Chieftain was TOTALLY FUCKING RIGHT about the crazy difficult achievements, but I blame the controls for the most part. Sure, clearing a board in 5 seconds is ridiculous no matter how you look at it, but so is digging out the whole play field in Dig Dug. I think the other achievements would have been reasonable if they were done with a mouse....

Well, that's it for my second list of XBLA games that deserve some lovin' (and one that doesn't.......I'm looking at you, Gauntlet). I don't really expect many people to buy any of these just because I say they're awesome, but maybe if you already own one of them, you'll revisit it and give it the lovin' it deserves.

More than anything, I just felt like making a blog post. :P

NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z.......I mean, KIT'S AWESOME BLOG: I'm going to tell you why Doom RPG is fucking awesome, since I thought of it while writing this post. CAN YOU SAY "BEST CELLPHONE GAME EVER?"
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