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Simon's Supper!

I've been following shamoozal nerdlog for quite some time now. Most posts are about dvd and music releases but every now and then they make mildly amusing cartoons. They even did this entertaining streaming 12 hour nes game marathon. Watchi...


Forget Super Mario Crossover!

I was perusing newgrounds and came across this nifty little game called Enough Plumbers. It's wayy more original than Super Mario Crossover. You are a plump plumber like character who can create clones of himself every time he touches a co...


Realism-- Who needs it?

After getting my hair cut from Big Louie at Emilio's Barber Shop, I stopped by the local Play N Trade and picked up a few games on the cheap. Most notably, NBA Jam TE for SNES. I played for only a few seconds. And in that time I managed to ...


Little Things in Mega Man 10

So I just downloaded Mega Man 10 today and started playing immediately. After about an hour of play, getting a taste of each of the levels, I already love this game. There are several little things about it that make it particularly awesome...


SSFIV Prediction: Hakan

Okay so for those of you who don't know, there was a post(which has since been removed) on capcom-unity a while back listing all the new characters in SSFIV. So far it's been correct. I'm sure everyone noticed the 10th character being teas...


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