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A letter from New Austin: How I Became John Marston

Let me preface this article with one quick statement: I am normally not a fan of Rockstar or their games. I do not support the lifestyles they promote, I usually find their characters tripe, their plots tiring and bland, and feel that the...


The Cancer That is Killing Me: Online Multiplayer

I've been a gamer since the 16-bit era (I know, so young and naive) so my opinions are at the least "slightly valid right? i remember the days when multiplayer required 1 TV, 2+ controllers, and 1+ more person than yourself in front of th...


I, The Author: A Magical Life for a Magical Karp.

"Son, you are destined to do great things.." Yeah right. Here I am now in total darkness, I haven't seen the light of day in weeks and quite frankly I may actually be dead, but I'm not sure. If only my father could see me now. Oh I'...


Muscle March: chase that protein, make that pose.

DISCLAIMER: Due to me being a crazed gamer (who is delicious and sexy in every way) I bought a Japanese import Nintendo Wii just to bring you people a review of the outrageous arcade smash hit Muscle Kōshinkyoku, because I love you. D...


The Top 10 Hardest Working Robots in Gaming

(unable to disobey our future robot overlords, I trueB7UE, was forced into creating this list or face infinite end of computation. Thats 100101 for they'd fucking tear my brain from my body!) Now i know what you're all thinking, 'a top ...


The Hate: SMT RPG Main Characters Deaths

(long blog is long) (I am only writting on the Shin Megami Tensei titles i have played before, if there are some that are not so hateable please let me know.) Yeah. that scene look a little familiar to you? If you've ever played any S...


10 things you didnt know i would know about me.

Goddom. So this is the first post ive done in a long time, ive been quite the busy lil luchadore these past few months! School kicked back up, works been a bitch, I got this new thing called "a life" and have been busy trying to figure it...


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