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About trippytipone of us since 3:01 PM on 09.09.2011


I am the Trippiest of Tips. I have no idea why I picked that name. It was the first thing that popped into my head. It's amusing tho.

I play garmz sometimes still....ok rarely. Mostly just read about them anymore... ._.

Currently playing:
Nothing! :D

But when I get the chance:
Maybe some jrpgs or retro games.

Favorite series:
Final Fantasyyyy (which you'll likely see me posting on FF articles all the time. Sorry if I annoy you, but things bug me about peoples views on those games.)
Mega Man
Streets of Rage
The Legend of Zelda

Other interests: Dragonball Z/GT/Super, WWE, Super Sentai/Power Rangers, One Piece (tho I'm behind), Batman, Marvel movies, Star Wars, X-Men, martial arts movies

I've never blogged before, and I don't think I will...lol

I'm weird.

I lurk.


Ty Bass for the fancy Dtoid Magic card~

And because my card requires it. um... yep. o_o