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Playin around with a new character, was gonna spend time practicing skintones but, Dr Who discussion distracted me haha.


Drew May today, Gen 3 was my main Pokemon jam back in the day.


Kat sketch for today, kinda wish I hadn't colored it, didn't blend well with the lines and got all these smudge marks, but oh well.


Another byleth sketch, wanted to try drawing the female version


Internet's been acting up so didnt get the chance to upload this here yesterday.


I really want Dante in but I'm pretty happy with Byleth in smash, got a good moveset, 3h deserves a rep for it's success imo and the music is gonna be awesome ( though im annoyed God shattering star got shafted)


Sketched Pyra today man her costume is hard to draw


Rotty sketch for today, Still got Shantae on the mind, Seven Sirens can't come soon enough!. Was thinking of putting more work into it but my PC crashed for an hour or so -m-.


Daily-sketch today is gud boi Raphael enjoying himself some meat!


Could'nt really focus much on drawing today, feel quite tired. Been playing a lot of Indivisible so I drew Dhar, games really began to click with me more now after I looked into some tutorials for it.


Was practicing drawing more Thicc characters today and it kinda just morphed into fanart of Melony.


Playing around with ink today again. I also did a bit of editing on it in Krita after rather then uploading as is like I normally do, I think it's helped it look cleaner.


daily-sketch for today, didn't really have any ideas so just did some character practice.


Been helping clean through my Nan's old belongings, I took some of her old art supplies. Not usually in the habit of painting with pens but I wanted to use some of her old art supplies for my daily-sketches^_^, plus the results came out pretty nice.


Noticed there's a significant lack of Vandham art in the Xenoblade community, wanted to help fix that!. inspired quite heavily from this. https://twitter.com/nine%20/status/1213125186385371136


was quiet tired today, couldn't focus much so just did a small Ajna sketch to keep up the daily-sketches.


Dailysketch today is the 13th doctor, i'm really enjoying her portrayal in the new season at-least judging by Spyfall so far, her docs finally starting to click for me and she's so much fun.


Daily sketch of Jill Valentine, really hyped for the remake, RE3 has always been my second fav in the series edged out by REmake.


Almost finished with Torna the golden country, beat all the golden bosses and I'm 30 levels overlevelled for the final boss lmao. Addam is a very endearing character, gonna miss him and the others once I'm done.


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