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55, don't feel like I can draw today for some reason. anyway hyped as fuck for re zero season 2.


Miles Morales from spiderverse, god I love this damn movie.


tried digital for this one. Consider this my apology to Nico, hated her in the first trailers but she's so goddamn cool in game.


tried it again, looks a bit better then before(forgot to draw the nose though, just realized haha)


Zombieland Saga's Saki in Dante's clothing!. Not happy with how this came out, feeling really bloated and couldn't focus(how am I bloated 3 hours after eating dammit!), but hey, win some you lose some. think I'll redraw it again sometime soon.


drew a sketch of https://twitter.com/redvandyke%20?s=09 Witch oc. also my 50th sketch hooray!.


sketch of my dnd character Janek. one thing that does annoy me about my art is that I don't feel it's consistent enough. I think I might be too timid with gesture and exaggeration, definitely something for me to work on.


oh shit, almost forgot to post this here today haha. never even played Kid Icarus, just fancied drawing medusa.


Didn't put too much effort into this one, feeling really tired so i'm probably gonna pass out soon haha.


Qposts still seem to be explodey but that's not gonna stop me posting. Daily-sketch 43 Dante and his hat of swagger.


tried something out of my comfort zone today, I goddamn love this bird so much, he's sassy as fuck. He's basically Lago from Aladdin in the DMC world.


finishing KH3 today I'm prepared for the stupidest most over-complicated shit ever....no...it's impossible to be prepared for this


Danny Dorfito. (based on an image I found, posted it in the comments)


original idea for the lady drawing yesterday. was too tired to draw it though


drawing cute pokee mans, thanks to Cedi for the idea!.


Larxene is just the sassiest character and I love her.


Daily sketch 30!. I really wish Cliffside was greenlit for a full season, pilot had issues but the whole concept(especially of Cordie ❤️) was really good.


daily-sketch 29, can't believe i've been doing these for almost a month, anyway Isabelle is adorable.


couldn't really focus on drawing today so I just said fuck it and finished it quick, might retry this again sometime soon


Had to draw this one quick today, round a friends playing KH.


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Hello talking computer person.

Been a lurker here for a while occasionally leaving comments and I decided to get more involved with you pervy creepy amazing people.

My names Chris and I pretty much spend my days watching anime, playing games and studying art..usually procrastinating from it.
Also i'm British so i'm legally obliged to drink tea and watch and obsess over Dr Who.

If you wish to spam me with memes or dick pics you can catch me here.

Some of my favorite games are:

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And probably more I can't remember of the top of my head.

my favorite shows(mainly anime) include

Cowboy bebop
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Black Lagoon
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Breaking Bad
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The Devil is a Part Timer
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Also some of my favorite musicians and bands are

Scoobie do(it's a Japanese rock band not to be confused with the tv show)
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Ennio morricone
Murray gold(Dude who does the music for dr who)
and I generally listen mainly to a lot of soundtracks and compilations while drawing.

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