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Quick sketch of Minerva from Valkyria Chronicles 4 today.


Drew an Eevee today, one of my fav Pokemon i've always loved how fluffy they look. drawing this was something way out of my comfort zone.


Another quick sketch today, have'nt been feeling my best for drawing all that much but i'm trying to keep it a habit ^_^.


Can safely say Spinel's been my fav SU villain, great songwriting, tragic backstory, deranged personality all wrapped up in rubberhose animation!.


The controller in the REsistance trailer really made me think it's ol Albert Wesker back, so drew a quick sketch of him.


Just a quick sketch of Rottytops today, too tired to do much else.


Doomslayer Marianne strikes again. Some very quick fanart for https://twitter.com/arktoons awesome Marianne fighting build which I have to try out in my next playthrough of Three houses haha


What's that Zack? clear as a crisp spring morning, Deadly Premonition, on the switch.


What's your favorite type of bug?, wanted to try playing around with more OC ideas today so I did a ladybug girl.


Did a sketch of Lorenz, I'm quite tired today and it didn't come out the way I wanted so I'll probably redraw it soon. I'm surprised how much I've ended up loving Lorenzs character, it must be tough to make a character like him relatable


Been rewatching a lot of invader Zim again lately, Membrane was one of the best parts of Florpus so I sketched him.


Recently got past Fire Emblem's timeskip and I really love Leonie's post timeskip design.


Been playing Valkyrie Chronicles 4 with a friend today and man Vancey is just the most fun unit. I really like drunk characters like this haha


Drew a cute little elf girl today, dunno if I'll draw her again but anyone have any name suggestions anyway?.


Trying to draw in this heatwave has been hellish. Anyway I drew a quick Lysithea today!


Just watched into the florpus! It's like Zim never left, it's so good. With my tablet broke I'm having to go back to traditional sketches for a bit which is gonna be hard to get used to again.


Quick sketch of Katia Managan today!, I keep meaning to get back to prequel sometime soon but I never find the time :(. Katia is so adorable though.


I drew Medieval Tae Takem- I mean Shamir from Fire Emblem. Did'nt have much time to do this in but i'm trying to get out of the habit of just drawing heads when i'm low on time, more figures I get out the faster and better they'll turn out.


tried drawing the new shantae waifu. foreshortening is hard dangit.


Bleh, spent a bunch of hours on a drawing that I couldn't get to work at all, so all i've ended up with is this weird lookin Lysithea haha, still, any Lysithea is good Lysithea.


Who here watches Steven Universe?, Lapis and Peridot were always my fav characters but they were always stuck in that dang barn without doing much in the plot, at-least put them in the intro!.


When Caspar and Raphael go in for a linked attack.


Today's dailysketch, I feel very sleepy for some reason so I didn't get much time to put into this. -%20- zzzz


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