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Dana Zane dailysketch, also included the weekends dailysketches in the comments.


Finished my painting for Sucrose's birthday yesterday!, my fav Genshin girl.


Found some cool Sheik concept art online for HW, did a sketch on it.


Painted Mipha for today's sketch, She's really difficult to draw from a front angle.


Crimson fucker sketch for https://twitter.com/Sacorguy79


Dunno if anyone's seen Deputy rust's tomboy mandalorian that's been making the rounds, but it speaks to me on a spiritual level


streaming dmc5 on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/triggerpigking


Streaming MHW over on https://www.twitch.tv/triggerpigking


Saki Nikaido sketch from Zombieland Saga, god I hope we get to see Season 2 soon.


Feeling quite unmotivated to draw today, just got a smol Risky Boots sketch out.


I think I've seen enough of the Demon Souls remake, some of these redesigns are outright hilariously bad, I won't spoil but dear lord look up Satsuki's and Dorian's redesign.


Commission for https://twitter.com/GundamMerc of his Drow.


Painting a commission. https://www.twitch.tv/triggerpigking


I sketched out one of my favorite waifu's Jill Stingray


Uploading the daily-sketches from the weekend. Ms Fortune and Purah one in the comments.


sketched the cutest girl in Genshin Impact I'm gonna do a more substantial painting on her sometime soon.


Dailysketch is a dnd in joke in my campaign but I wanted to post it anyway (My character is the drowning dwarf)


Very tired today, I drew a quick Nia for today's daily-sketch to cheer myself up!.


Yesterday's daily-sketch, Sucy dressed as Ashley!. I meant to upload this earlier but I fell asleep for like 6 hours, I think Halloween tired me out haha.


Halloween sketch and the end of OCtober, Priscilla dressed as Jack Skellington.


Finished Remothered:Broken Porcelain with a friend today, now that the bugs are seemingly fixed, It's one hell of a good game. Both it and Tormented Fathers are some of the finest horror games I've played in a long time, highly recommended.


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