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F*ck Australia

Australia may well be on the arse end of the world, but it shouldnt mean that Aussie gamers should have to put up with so much shit. 'What shit?' you may ask. Well, shit indeed, good sir. Censored Games What better place to start ...


Separated at birth

I see similarities where ever i go. Take for example the Poopsmith and the Pyro, which I posted some months back. Just today, I noticed how similar Josef Ratzinger, AKA Popesmith, looks to evil Star Wars alien thingy Nute Gunray. Its s...


A GTAIV Retrospective/Wishlist

In a drunken haze I purchased a PS3 and from that fateful Sunday have invested a sinful amount of time in GTAIV. I’m quite sure many other people are maxing out that awesome little addiction stat right now, so I won’t spoil anything. I ju...


Sorry Sir, You've got The Hype

I never thought I would be the one to fall prey to the insidious claws of The Hype. Well, I might have picked up a few games on launch day (or even before) but I'm not the kind of person who attends midnight launches. Even if they serve f...


About triGone of us since 6:31 PM on 05.08.2007

I am totally hardcore. I am more hardcore than you and your face. I am named Jordan. I am a guy. I am 21 years of age. I live in the place one might call Australia. I have a crappy journalism degree and I cant get a job!
When people see me on the street they all say “Wow, isn’t he hardcore!” How hardcore is that? Pretty hardcore, you might say. Well, that’s just the beginning of my corehardiness.
I once shat a Gameboy. I discovered penecillin. I once made a Link costume out of cardboard and then posted it on the internet (but that latter part wasn’t my idea)! I tell people stories about Shigeru Miyamoto. I play way too much Warcraft. I like shorts, they are comfy and easy to wear! I played MGS2 on European Extreme once. I have a Megaman 2 ringtone. I hate EA. I own a Nintendo Power T-Shirt. I once was talked like Strongbad for so long my larynx collapsed. I like complaining. I like writing. I like writing and complaining. I like writing and complaining on Destructoid. I have a dog with a fluffy tail. I think that it is politically correct and justified to call midgets "fun-size". I am addicted to cola. I am kept up at night by dreams of cats in top hats. I think that BF1942 is the best game ever. I can reticulate splines, whatever they are. I can jump; 1, 2, 3! I like movies but I hate TV. I think the internet is better than sliced bread. I have a friend whose girlfriend maxed the score on Lumines!
I am totally hardcore.

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