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Did some nature today with Mrs Travolta


I just made it to the final 2 for the first time on Fort Nite solos. Dude smoked me! Why is this so much fun on the Switch?!


After being initially super disappointed with not seeing Metroid Prime 4 this morning, right now. I’m ok with it. They’d probably want to show it in a more complete state, and im ok with that. I trust Nintendo. Maybe.


If Nintendo doesn’t show Metroid Prime 4, I’m going to go ahead and say this is the absolute worst E3 in recent history


My oldest friend sent me a mix-tape cd in the mail. I cried because it's quite possibly the nicest thing a friend has ever done for me.


id makes the best shotguns


I really hope we see some Witchfire tomorrow.


I love these scripted playthroughs. Displaying how nobody ever talks in a game to their friends. It’s more like ‘hey dickface get over here and start the event’


Drunk again and Mrs Travolta is sleeping on me


Fuck, why did it have to be Bourdain? And his best friend Eric Ripert found him. What a tragic loss. :(


Finally got my corner of the office setup!


Holy crap. I completely forgot about Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima. I'm really interested to learn more about it in the coming week! (hopefully)


Yay! I get to help make some beer today!


Happy Friday y’all! What is everyone getting into this weekend? I start my first solo shift at the brewery on Sunday!


Found some cockroaches outside our house earlier this week. Thank goodness I spray around the perimeter bi-weekly. They were all dead. But we have an exterminator coming today to make sure we’re safe from all things crawly. Sigh. Joys of being a homeown


Finally switched back to Firefox after using Chrome for so long. This new Firefox runs like a gd beast :O


As of this morning I’ve lost 27 pounds total. I don’t know what’s happened to my body in the last week or so but if I’m dropping weight like crazy then that’s rad. Maybe I’m in that movie, Thinner. Edit: I’m ok! I work out like a mad man and


Oh btw, I’ve been lifting weights and doing cardio since the end of February and I’ve lost like 18 pounds. So that’s exciting. Lifting weights is weird, man. But I get it. I know how Brad Nicholson felt like when he was a thing.


Painting is weird man. Like once you start you’re like ‘yeah this fucks all the butts.’ Then when you start putting color on the wall you’re like ‘oh this is gonna be a nice butt.’


On Ep 2 of Altered Carbon on Netflix and I’m quite intrigued


Does anyone have trouble tapping links on the mobile version of the website? Most nobably on the disqus sections of the comments


For you metal fans out there. This is one of my favs. I’ve seen these guys live 2 times and it’s so damn impressive. Dude can shred and do vocals at the same time.


Mrs Travolta had too much to drink on Cinco de Mayo. I had to assist her while she got sick. She’s currently passed out on me on the couch. Poor girl. At least she had a fun day though.


Nothing beats sitting around in your underwear while you listen to hip hop on your baller stereo


If this kid ‘whatevers’ me one more time I’m gonna snatch off his kahones and boil them in motor oil


God. This track is SO good off of Carpenter Brut's new album. Give it a quick listen!


Kratos should really consider a career in Olympic rowing


Legitimately impressed with Carpenter Brut. He’s actually playing his songs live. Like, not hitting play, but actually performing them on synth. So impressed.


Legitimately impressed with Carpenter Brut. He’s actually playing his songs live. Like, not hitting play, but actually performing them on synth. So impressed.


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