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The best thing I saw on TGA


It happened boys. Got lucky as fuck.


I just want to fucking play Demon Souls. I hate these bot using fucks


Guys. I really shit the bed this time. I really want to play the new Demon Souls but.. you know. Cant find a fucking PS5 to save my life.


Oh and hi again. I’m Travolta


I had a friend on discord last night tell me his grievances with Last of Us 2, without spoiling it for me. Luckily, it still hasn’t been spoiled for me, but I’m excited to go into it this afternoon and see what all the fuss is about.


I know I've gone somewhat mia around these parts as of the last year or so. I'm still alive if any of you still care. I hope y'all are well and have a great New Year.


I hate how Dtoid constantly logs me now every time I check it.


The conch horn definitely looks like a vagina


Is there any other option for Borderlands 3 on PC other than the Epic store? Because fuck the Epic store


If you’re wow classicing, my name is Eight and we’re on Myzrael. My guild is called Werthers OGs. Alliance.


Our baby, Justice is finally back home. She has a nice spot on the mantle in her little urn. I’m happy she’s not suffering anymore but I would give anything to have her back. She was my little buddy. Fuck. I just want my buddy back.


How the fuck can a cat mean more to me than a human? We had to put one of our cats down last Friday and I’m seriously still fucked up about it. That cat meant the fucking world to me


Going to Bend Oregon this weekend to get hammer smashed face drunk


Anyone going to be starting up classic wow in a month? I'd like to get on the same server as some of you so Mrs. Travolta and I can have some people to play with!


Been playing a lot of classic WoW with Mrs Travolta on a private server. I think we’re both going to go balls deep on classic when it’s released.


Been playing a lot of classic WoW with Mrs Travolta on a private server. I think we’re both going to go balls deep on classic when it’s released.


Got the inside of my arm almost complete. I would say I’m 70% done with my sleeve now. Water skulls are fucking sick looking.


This is your reminder that Witchfire is a game happening in the future


How was everyone's weekends? Play anything fun?


let's touch some butts




I know you shouldn't pre-order games, yadda yadda. I pre-ordered Sekiro because it's From. So freakin' pumped for it. I've been playing Destiny 2 in the meantime, though. For what it's worth, it's a solid game.


I’m a top fan of Dtoid on Facebook. God it feels so good to finally be recognized


Dude, I am in the dark mostly about Sekiro, but I'm all aboard on that fucking hype train. I got my bags packed, my boner tucked into my waistband. Fuckin. Ready. 2 WEEKS


RIP Keith. What a bummer, man. I’ve been a fan of the Prodigy most of my life. Every time I listen to Fat of the Land it reminds me of playing Quake1 ctf and dm. :(


Finally got through Leon's campaign last night. Started my second run with Claire. Man, that shit's way more difficult. Reload speed, and zombies that can kick down doors. But why do I have to complete the same puzzles Leon already completed? /shrug


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