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Nothing is Impossible if you believe!!!


Through out the splipherindiferious land of Intranet you'll hear the wise and confident comment of "Thats impossible stupid head!" more then a few times. Who are these wise maidens of truth and victors over knowledge? We may never know where xxxgangbusta1435xxx get's his/her massive ass piercing brain power, though I assume that when their mind came into existance a small piece of time and space twisted within it's self like a dog hiding it's tail or a naked wrestler withdrawing his junk into his chest cavity. Despite all the knowledge held within their collective super meat calculators they somehow have missed one important nutt of knowledge!!


Now, I say this, because earlier I wasn't masturbating. Instead I became curious if there was a way to convert a PS 3 game save to a Xbox 360. Suprisingly I found others asking the same question, only to be mocked and reticuled for being so stupid. "PS 3 is totally different then the Xbox 360. you are a queer!" These type comments went on forever.

The irony is that it is possible......ish. All you would need is a converter. All the information is there, it just needs to be changed....and stuff. You could also play Xbox 360 games on a PS 3, if you made an emulator that ran on the PS 3......These are not new ideas, it's just that some people are jerk offs. These are the same people who said going to the Moon was impossible and the female orgasm was just a rumor started by the evil female agenda to waste man's killing time.

I'm not saying any of this is legal, but who really cares? Legal, schmegial! We are the kings and queens of this world we live in!! "I AM THE LIZARD KING AND I CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!"

Computer code is a WHORE. It will literally do anything you want. B.J. with a pinky in the pooper? DONE!! I mean anything. So before you go strut'n the meat wad between your ear holes by spreading your opinion to other humans, kill yourself.
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