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How to rate The Orange Box

This is a bit of a puzzle I've been thinking over when I saw the list of top 10 games released this year. I saw The Orange Box rated near the top on a few lists, and that got me thinking. How can you rate The Orange Box? If you think about ...


What If? A bit of mind-bending...

Sometimes, when I'm thinking of things to do besides study, I start thinking about what if scenarios. Not big complicated ones like "What if Hitler got into art school." or "What if bla bla bla" I tend to think more simply, and not I've tho...


Where are my Adventure games?

There is something very wrong with the state of gaming. I speak, of course, of the terrible lack of adventure gaming that has plagued us since, ohh...I'd say the 90's. Some of my favorite games, Monkey Island, Space Quest, Sam and Max, anyt...


Bioshock, as played by a non-gamer

While I realize that this blog may be a bit behind the times, I figured it may be interesting reading any who. I'm currently abroad for school, and as such haven't had a chance to play Bioshock, Halo 3, and several other games that'll be co...


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