On NE: EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs

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Dinosaurs upset over videogame stereotypes

About five months ago, we sat down with a raptor (who preferred to remain anonymous) to ask his thoughts on the possibility that dinosaurs may be misrepresented by the videogame industry. We showed him various photographs of his videogame ...


Drunk Post (please don't be mean) NVGR

I drank half a bottle of El Presidente and decided to start writing a short story in lieu of doing my homework. Here is the beginning. Please don't be mean : ( Within a few deliberately difficult puffs of his cigarette, all of the an...


I love ya Mass Effect, warts and all.

Mass Effect is a game that , much like the Pacific Ocean and Jesse Jackson, will divide people until the end of time. So varied are the responses to it, one would think it was the equivalent of a pixelated rorschach: if a person wants to...


Assassin's Creed: Next-Gen's Daikatana

Or "All aboard the Hype Train!" Ign sold me a crock of shit, and here's the receipt. Now, I am not naive, and I understand that hyping a product can generate buzz which, in turn, can generate more hits to, and money for a website...


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