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Passage: Words cannot describe

So, I just saw Anthony's revrant for this week and in it he keeps alluding to a game called Passage. So I looked it up on Dtoid and found the link. I figured I'd give it a try, must be another one of those artgames. I was right. Oh so very ...


Other Worlds Than These: Star Wars Games

I'm just going to come right out and say it: I love Star Wars. While some may say a love of Star Wars can hinder your social skills, I say it's the one thing that has kept the kid in me alive. And I'm not even really referring to the movi...


Our fascination with choices in games

I haven't been playing videogames as long as some of you losers (<3 you though). However, I have been playing for about ten years, and I tend to notice the little trends. For example, first person shooters have been around for a while,...


A Positive Experience with Gamestop?

Yes. I traded in a few (read: 9 or so) games and a lot of them were utter crap to be honest. A few were DS games, 4 were Wii games, and a couple 360 games. However, when the kind Gamestop employee informed me that I now had $109.00 trade-i...


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