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Leaked Uncharted 2 Gameplay Video


I haven't watched it yet, but I'm just putting it here so as many people watch it before it gets shut down.

EDIT: now that i've watched it, i've gotta say that it looks pretty awesome. it's basically like uncharted 1 just in a city, meaning that it seems like you can climb up a lot more shit than you could in the first game. hopefully it won't be super-linear, and you'll have a lot of room to explore. i feel like that would make or break this game. if it was linear and you didn't have any choices in the paths that you took to get to a new location, that would be a big let-down for me. with that said, it looks awesome, and i really hope that they release some actual footage soon so that we can see it with the proper color/brightness.

EDIT 2: just realized that The Gief beat me to this. sorry about that!
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