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Hey Dtoid! So I've completely fallen in love with the Usavich videos that have frequented Topher's READY TO FRIDAY series, and as such have scoured youtube to find more of them that are at a decent quality. I've come across a gem of a co...


What's going on with Gaia?

So lately I've began listening to music on my PS3 after I tried streaming files between my computer and my PS3 for the first time. I ended up downloading all my Air and Röyksopp albums onto the console, and listen to them all the time on ...


Animation I made!

Hey everybody. This is an animation I made for a couple classes I took last year. I figured I'd put it on here and see if you guys liked it. Just in case anybody gets confused, when it looks like it's restarting in the middle of the film,...



Hello Destructoid, I wish that I had posted this earlier, but alas, I forgot. For the past couple months, a bunch of students at Harvard and MIT have been organizing something called ROFLcon, which is basically a bunch of panels hosted b...


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