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Kane and Lynch 2: mixed feelings

Playing the first Kane and Lynch was like dating the awkward girl in high school that was smart and had a great personality when you got to know her better.Playing the sequel is like dating the older hotter more popular sister but with half...


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My names John Im a father a rapper a geek an artist and fellow gamer I love action titles mostly for quick and dirty sessions most of the time but I also like games with engrossing narratives and engaging stories.Recently I ve been playing more Uncharted 2 and MW2 than I should lol. Im a pretty care free fun loving guy that just loves to live life and have a good time. When I m not busy gaming my tellys busy beaming all types of good stuff my wife and I rent a ton of movies from Netflix and I love to watch AMC and cartoon network's Adultswim occasionally I watch TRU TV to see people make asses of themselves too. World's Dumbest is pretty funny sometimes Oh I also like the Sci Fi channel and Fearnet for my horror fix. Im a psychological thriller/ blood and guts type of guy but I cant get enough of zombie flicks no matter how cliche they get. If you wanna know more PM me thats it for now folks. O yeah if you want to hear some of my raps check me out on Youtube under D3Eification thats it for now Im really going this time.