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My Expertise: Little Plastic Instruments

There are two things in my life that give me joy on a daily basis (personal relationships excluded). These are things I have enjoyed for almost as long as I can remember: Music and Video Games. I was interested in music ever since my mom wo...


Relationships and Gaming: a Cautionary Tale

Relationships are hard. They are rewarding, of course, but it takes some semblance of skill and patience to appropriately deal with your significant other. It's even harder for those of us that like to spend just as much quality time with y...


I Know How the Pioneers Felt

Friends, I write this today from my work, since this is my only form of internet besides my phone. I'm writing this as a cautionary tale of laziness and bad planning. You see I have been without internet for a month and a (proper) working X...


The Future: Better Than Yesterday

2010! "Twenty-ten", "Oh-Ten", "its just another crappy year", whatever you call it, it brings in a new dawn of video game innovations and technologies. With it being almost 20 years since I first picked up a controller, I feel it necessary ...


About themrderpone of us since 5:16 PM on 01.09.2010

I'm just a man from the SF Bay Area that knows about video games and other stuff (mostly internet-related). If you cut me, I bleed. If you smack me with a sock full of quarters, I'll probably say "ouch" or "hey, can I borrow some of that so I can do laundry?". I'm influenced by music making people ("musicians", I believe they are called) and by Douglas Adams. He wrote a bunch of funny books about space and wasn't in a wheelchair like that other guy who writes un-funny books about space, so that's pretty cool. Drop me a line because I'm always looking for criticism or someone nice with some pointers on how not to suck as much.

Also here are some games I like:
Super Mario World , Super Metroid, Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Call of Duty (series, except 3), Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil 4, Tetris, Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantsy VII, X, and XII.