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I think I have a problem...

I keep buying games at a much higher rate than which I can play through them. Today, for
instance, while bored, I cruised through GameStop and Vintage Stock just planning to look
and drool at stuff. However, as it usually happens, I find something I want bad enough to buy.

Today, it was Shadow of the Colossus (in it's real box, which is the first time I've seen it
in person and wasn't at a friends), Persona 3 (with artbook and cardboard box outside
the real box!), and Me and My Katamari for ze PSP (which has been interesting to play so
far and is the first time I've ever seen it in person (although the box is missing, goddamn it)).

I feel like I must justify these purchases with a bit of a backstory, however. See... I had a
launch PS2, the early 3000 model which I blew over $300 on at the time. The investment
woulda been a great one except for the fact that the DVD drive burned out, ended up
messing up a few games in the process, and it just never worked right afterwards. So I
sold it and bought a GameCube with the money. So, the PS2 I use right now is one I salvaged
from the garbage and fixed myself (a 3000 model with the same issues) and/or the PS3
since I'm lucky to have one of the 80gb versions with the PS2 emulator in it.

Anyway, because of this, I missed most, if not all, of the PS2 classics. My unquenchable
hatred for the original Xbox (and, by proxy, those who had it) kept me from purchasing it.
And, since the GCN had very few releases, I just kinda fell out of the videogame playing
phase, assuming that I'd "grown up" for good and had left those days in the dust. But I was
way wrong, and now my main vice is buying videogames on a whim and never finishing
most of them.

Anyway, the reason this is bad, is because I have all the consoles and portables (iPod aside,
fuck you Apple) and have a decent backlog going for each. My new years resolution was to
not buy any games until March, but I killed that in late January... and then over and over again
in February... and then gave up in March. I'm sure most gamers have this kinda issue, or
maybe I just tell myself that to feel better, but I thought I'd share. Afterall... gaming
communities are kinda like our AA meetings, right?! Right. Hi, my name's Mark, and I'm gonna
ditch this bullshit and play some videogames.
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