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Weirdsday: Mister Mosquito(PS2)



What I imagine happened somewhere in a game pitch room in the late 90's in Japan.

Sometimes you just want to send the summer terrorizing a family an d drinking their blood. Now we could go the vampire route for the game, but that is too commonplace. Let's do mosquitos.. who are voyeurs because naked ladies!

With this, Mister Mosquito was created. The game involves you drinking blood from a family over the summer, and storing enough to make it through the winter. The challenge of the game is that the family is strangely sensitive to mosquitoes yet are not terrified when a radio and light keeps going on and off.  You have to have a gentle touch, make distractions, sneak, and sometimes battle them to keep alive and sucking. There is also the voyeuristic aspect to the game as you fly around and watch the family's summer while ruining it with your constant buggy attacks.


The game is divided into levels, with a certain amount of blood drawn as the goal.   The stages take place in different parts of the house, and as you progress, the areas you are allowed to draw blood from the family change and get more difficult until it is things like only the lower lip. As far as controls go, it is okay. It is definitely acceptable for the PS2 days, but modern players might feel a bit hampered by the older feeling camera that we all recall so fondly from the ps1 and 2 days. The actual character control, aside from the camera is pretty smooth and feels pretty good flying in the 3D space.

The graphics for Mister Mosquito are a bit subpar by PS2 standards, the textures on most objects are plain and unadorned. However, the style of the art is great. Everything is big and scary, and the people and Mister Mosquito are fairly well rendered. The music is interesting, with an ominous, stalky sounding music while you hunt your prey and various other more upbeat sections such as when you get into a battle, turn on the radio or win the level.  The sound effects are decent for the most part, with the movements of the humans all big and booming like the giants they are. The voice acting, however, is rather silly, even for such a silly game.


For me, Mister Mosquito is a fun and silly game that I would love to get re-released, even if only in its original form on PlayStation Now or other re-release services on PSN. There was a Japan only sequel as well that came out that I would be happy to see localized for a retro game platform. Even if it is only female mosquitos that suck blood... mister.

- Next time, I will do it better... probably.

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