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Weirdsday: Decap Attack (Genesis)


decap attack

When the demon Max D. Cap comes to threaten your skeleton shaped island, what are you to do? if you are Dr. Frank N. Stein and his assistant, Igor, you make a mummy with its face in its torso to fight the Demon, give it a skull to throw at bad guys, and name it Chuck D. Head. This is the plot to Decap Attack.

decap attack

Released in the United States in 1991 on the Sega Genesis, Decap Attack is a side-scroller with a strange player character. A mummy with no head. It has a face that peers out from between the wrappings in its torso and can get a power up of a skull that it can throw at enemies.

decap attack

It is a standard platformer for the most part. You have a few hits you can take before you lose a life, though you will lose the skull power up after one hit. When you jump, your character can flail his legs around to get a kind of float effect. Other than that, you can bash walls and enemies, jump on enemies, and generally platform around the levels. Overall the controls are fairly decent but feel a bit floaty to me. The game moves quickly as the Genesis liked to do, but it was not too fast that you felt out of control as you fight everything from monsters to birds to otters with diving masks? 

   decap attack

The graphics are pretty decent, the backgrounds are interesting, the levels fit the theme if a little on the bland side color wise, and the characters are big and identifiable.  The sound design works and the music is thematic but nothing too special.  The game even has an actual "cut scene" happy ending. Nice.

Overall this is a strange but fairly fun platformer for the Sega Genesis, though to be fair the system had many games in this genre. If you conquered Ristar, toppled Vector Man, and speed through Sonic, but are still looking for more, I would say give this game a try. It is pretty decent.

- Next time, I will do it better... probably.

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