PSXE: Video: I played these four PS Vita games at E3

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pc gaming is dead; go buy an xbox.

pc gaming is for the elite but not necessarily in terms of actual skill, as most of them think they're awesome shit because they spent $3000+ to play the same games we do... the social elite. in all honesty all you can do is really play old...


the only way i'll play console is by emulating it

Why even bother being console swine when I can just download/emulate everything? I won't emulate handhelds though, as the only time I'd use one is when taking a shit... and I'd much rather focus on shit-taking. The best part? It's free. Gam...


pc gaming, my love

it's depressing to see that pc games are becoming more like console games. there used to be a strong distinction, but i'd say gaming is becoming more and more like hollywood. silly capitalism. you rape us. you rape us good. ... matchmaki...


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