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Greetings chaps and chapettes
thefaulk from the land of cockneys and wannabe american gangsters here. Been gaming since....erm...since. I once saw a chart of what what gamers claim that there first console was for classic retro credentials. ps2? classic retro gamer? hahahahahaha. real men owned a genesis even if they were really slow in europe! When I look at my friends list I see that it is mostly filled with wannabe gangsters who laugh at me when I say that I actually bought duke nukem 3d because 'the graphics are shit' and endlessly send requests for me to play fifa 10....even though I don't own it. For us english the fifa series is a bit like the madden series. They only make minor alterations and sell it to us as baisically the same game each year. Thats why people hat PES....too 'different'.