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Get your Plushie Companion Cube

The world has been swept up in the game Portal, as have I. Now Valve has decided to cash in on their cube of joy. I personally think some of the fan made stuff is much better. But, if you are interested in giving Valve some more money, o...


Halo 3 Marriage Proposal?! WTF Mate!

Well I guess this was bound to happen. It's been done in WoW and I am sure other games. But here is the Halo version of marriage. I have copied to full article below. On November 3, 2007 Moviesign made a Forge map in Halo® 3, and set up...


Turok Demo and Schwag. You decide...

When i dropped by Game Stop to pick of COD4 yesterday the manager gave me this handy little box that included the Turok Demo and a free tee. So today after playing of COD4 online i decide to pop the disc in and check it out. Well..... vo...


COD4 Beaten! Reviewed *SPOILERS*

I was planning on writing up something last night, but it was way too late and I was way too tired. This entire post will be lots of rambling but i will try and warn of spoilers. So I picked up the game yesterday afternoon and basically...


Rockband co-op is offline only!!!

This might be old news but... After seeing this at shacknews, i almost went and purchased GH3. But who am I kidding, after the post today, ME WANT BOOMERANGS!! The mode is called Rock Band World Tour and the thought was that you could ...


Worst player in a Sports Game EVER!

Ok, i found this while searching around the web and just thought it was too funny not to post. Not sure how many of you dtoiders even play sports game but I have played my fair share and this comes from probably the best one ever. NHL '93 a...


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