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Why do we play like Sh*T when laying down?

[color=darkred][/color][/size[size=24] This is the first time I am doing a blog and I don't even know if I am supposed to erase those things that say size and color.

I realize that maybe just maybe it might be only a few people but I am thoroughly convinced that it happens to every single human being that plays games. Also if I play with my legs crossed it is somewaht comfy but my legs get numb. Well I can certainly play some games laying down such as Mario party and other games targeted at cro magnons; but if I am to play MW2 or Halo well then I need to sit on a chair and lean forward. It feels like your brain and eyes don't synchronize when laying down. I was thinking around with the idea of fast mounting a plasma tv to my ceiling and well you get the idea. Is there a reason for why we play like crap when laying down? Id like to hear some feedback and it will make me feel appreciated too :) free pizza and MS points for whoever can play in such position. Oh forget the tv to the ceiling thing, I realize now that it won't work either, it would make you feel floaty at the hands. Well im off to watching Randy bounce around his giant balls in southpark lol.
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