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Making SNES and N64 cases from cheap Genesis EA games.

Okay, I know this is strikingly similar to my last blog, but I realized after that while I failed to use some of those cases for that original blog, I could still use them for SNES and N64 games. And hey, I imagine a lot more people have those than Atomiswave and ST-V.

Just to let you know, I tried NES games as well but they unfortunately didn't make the cut. They're just a tad too big. Even though it looked like it would just barely fit at first, apparently you need a good bit more room than 'just barely'.

Anyway, tools: x-acto knife, good set of pliers, printer, scanner (optional, though helpful) and some cheap EA games from your local thrift store, retro store or pawn shop.

SNES games are on easy street. Just cut the tabs where the redish-pink blob ends, then yank 'em off with your pliers, and you're done.

Fits in really nice with almost no effort. The tabs on the other side can kind of grip on to the top of the cart to keep it from sliding around in the case.

Nintendo 64 games have it a little tougher, but considering the lack of thought on Nintendo's part to make these things look good on shelves (why no end labels?) I'd say it's worth the extra hassle. 

Cut, then yank and twist the highlighted parts until the pop off. Once you've done that, the cart will just slide in. The remaining tabs on the bottom and top will keep the cart in so it doesn't rattle around like a loose DVD in the last copy of that one movie you really wanted at the department store.

Ta-daa! Now if you can get past the sacrilege of putting Nintendo products in Sega products, you'll have your collection looking a bit more acceptable.

Once again, I got the artwork from thecoverproject.net. You can't just use these on their own as the dimensions aren't right for EA Sports cases. Just scan the original artwork (or measure it very carefully) and resize the front, back and spine to correspond to the measurements of the original case's artwork.

Hope someone finds this helpful.

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