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We Now Have Another Way To Play Doom (2016). Here's Why You Should


John Carmack has a pretty famous quote on story in video games. It is "Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." Now while I don't think it is true for every game, it certainly is for some. There are some games that can tell amazing and mature stories that can make it an amazing experience through relevate mechanics that immerse you into the story. And there are games when you shoot the heads off of demons and giggle about the copious amounts of blood spurting everywhere. Doom is the latter. And Doom (2016), which I will just be referring to as Doom for the rest of this piece, excells in this catergory in a way that not many games have in a very, very long time. It also has incredible controls and level design. And other things. So let's get into it, and do it catergory by category, and get into why you should so play Doom. 


Doom feels so fucking good to play, to put it simply. Its fast, punchy, and intense. Every single gun is unique, and fun to use. The shotguns will blow enemies into bloody bits with a loud bang, machine guns will pick off enemies more accurately from far away, the rocket launcher will stop enemies in their tracks, and the chainsaw will allow you to slice throw an enemy, for a flurry of health and ammo. No regenrating health here to save you, you will have to run your way past the legions of enemies to get health packs and the health bits that shower from dead enemies. And that is a great segway to another one of Doom's best implemented elements, movement speed. Doom makes you go fast and you go right along with the ride. Some people are judemental of the platforming, but personally, I enjoyed it. It feel like something that would be in the original Doom. But running through the expertly made arenas, popping off shots and blowing away monsters. And finally, we need to talk about Doom's newest and in my opinion best addition, the glory kills. When I saw it in the trailer for the game, I was nervous, but I was wrong. It becomes a real strategy, letting you decide whether not to take a bit of risk, and get up close and personal and rip out a Cacodemon's throat for a bit more health. It mixes two elements Doom sets out to do well, be brutal, and make you feel like a badass by running towards the enemies, not staying far away behind cover. 



Now, let's be clear. Doom does have a story. There is a purpose and motivation to the Doomslayer's actions. However, it is just loose. And it's not to be taken serious either. Now, this does lead to one of my few gripes with the game. This being that the parts when you stop shooting and get infodumped are notciably jarring and you itch to get back to the action. But, these moments are few and far between, and the voiceacting is done well as well, so they are still entertaining. 


I love the world Doom is set in. It makes me smile ear to ear, whether it be the Mars bases or the bowels of hell. It's a fun world to be in. Also, the music is great, down by the incredible Mick Gordon. It's punchy, and the rythms and loud guitar mixes with your gunshots and glory kills like peanut butter and jelly. There are a few small problems, such as going through empty levels to search for collectiables can be a bit tedious and the weapon upgrades system wasn't really necassary, but honestly that's really it, in my opinion.

In conclusion, Doom is a really great game. Yes, it's not perfect obiviously, but it's pretty damned close. It's one of my favorite AAA games to come out in a very long time, and I would wholeheartdly recommend it. It's speed, violence, and story and attitude towards it make for a very unique and fun game. So grab it, get comfy, and DOOM IT UP!!!!!

- thanks for reading my thing

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