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I Can Write Words

Hey guys, figured it's been a while so I'll do a few house keeping things, announce a few things, set a few release dates and all that. It'll be quick and painless. Let's get into it.  So for that cursed top ten. It will happen. I...


What I Want From Nintendo in E3

Hello. Time for me to shout into the void about some games from Nintendo I want to come out. They probably won't. But I figured other people will do the same so I will too. Letsa go!!!  So. Nintendo. My favorite game company. So ...


Some Quick Thoughts on Tekken 7

Hello. You read the title let's talk about the new Tekken.  BUT before we do; a disclaimer. My thoughts are on the PS4 version. Also, I have not played the online yet and I have not beaten the entire story. I will not be delving i...


My Favorite Games Are Me, And Here's Why

Hey there. Glad you can join me for another piece. Today, I'd like to highlight my favorite games, what they say about me, why I consider them that, and a cute lil personal story. It will go paragraph by paragraph, with each paragraph ...


Oh Boyo It's Been A While

Hello fellow Dtoiders. I feel like I have some explaing to do. So let's do it.  So I didn't update for a while. And when I did I would just say I'm going to write more. It wasn't really cool. But I was so insanely busy for so long...


Silly Life Update

Hey guys. Life is weird. Let's talk about it. It's cliched and stupid but high school is really hard. Espically when you're awkward and nerdy and misunderstood. The other teens in my small "city" (it's a fucking town guys, get over you...


Introduction and Such

Hi, hello, good morning, evening or afternoon. I,ve decieded that my first blog would just be a simple intro one. I know, not the most interesting thing ever but hey it'll be good practice and maybe someone will relate. So here we go. ...


About the navi is a lieone of us since 3:19 PM on 02.19.2017

Hi! I'm an aspiring game designer.
Discord: europaisthebestmoon
Twitter: @eur0pathem00n
Steam: thetruthisinthegoo42
Battle.Net: VulcanHero #1254

A Big Ol' List of my Favorite Video Games
Fallout New Vegas
Persona 4
Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
Dark Souls
Mega Man 2
Binding Of Isaac Rebirth
Pokemon Gold
Dark Souls
Kerbal Space Program
Blazblue Calamity Trigger
Silent Hill 2
Shovel Knight
Depression Quest
Hotline Miami
Guilty Gear
Super Meat Boy
MGS3:Snake Eater
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Castlevania: Symphony Of the Night
Tekken 4
Super Metroid
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Super Mario 64
Starcraft 2