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Why Half-Life 2's crowbar kills in two hits.


Look I like half-life.

I also like pizza, but like I'm gonna write up a blog about pizza.

Yesterday somehow a conversation about paintball with my friends led to a debate between Halo or Half-Life. They (two of them) are big halo fans. So naturally I put my dukes up and we lashed out at each other using videogame knowledge over a game of Worms Armageddon on my Dreamcast.

One of them mentioned no melee button.

I said that Gordon was a geek (a cool one btw) and didn't have enough strength to kill with a gun butt.

He then starts to question how the crowbar could kill a Metro Cop in two hits if Gordon was so weak. I kicked myself for saying that, but I just rolled with it and came up with a theory.

The crowbar has small magnets embedded inside the tip. Combine have very large amounts of iron in their blood, and a hit from the crowbar would pull all the iron in their blood to that spot that they were hit because of the magnet and the iron clumps together creating a tumor. And the second hit successfully burst the tumor killing them instantly.

I have no life.

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