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Super Mario War + GoW banner


This game is old, but amazing as hell.

The game plays like one big Mario deathmatch, and you have to either stomp or use items on the other Marios (or any other character you select, with the roster ranging from Megaman to Excitebike) to take one of their lives or add a point to your frag limit, depending on the gametype. They also have novelty gamemodes, like Capture the Flag and Yoshi fights. And with a huge amount of levels right off the bat, you won't be bored. Hell, if you do get bored, you can make your own levels or characters to use.

Playing Super Mario War for the first time with three other friends is an amazing experience on par with Bomberman and Goldeneye 007. Seriously, at least play this once. And there's no excuse, because there are multiple versions spanning to different platforms. If you have a Windows/Mac/Linux PC, GP2X, XBox, PSP, or Nintendo DS your good to go. There are some other versions floating around, as I believe I once came across a PSX version once. Go give it a spin!

**And there's my GoW banner. props to cookskin05, who stopped me from just making cblog clog without any "meat" to the post. And yeah Niero, I'm stupid. You don't have to answer my question**
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