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My FAVORITE GAME trading card game cards. Let me show you them.

I bought these at a Chinese store at my Portugal vacation last summer. You haven�t seen funny when you see a Chinese lady try to speak Portuguese. Anyway, I picked up two packs for a euro, and it was totally worth it. I recently unearthed them from a box, and seriously, these cards are EPIC.

Yes, that�s Ben Affleck on the front. Don�t ask me why.

They�re all videogame characters! (for the most part anyway; I�ll explain later) True Crime, Contra, Ys, even Knights of the Old Republic. They even have a shitty spiral holographic finish. I don�t know how many cards are there. I�m too lazy to look. But there are a lot more than I�m going to show you.

The cards have stats and numbers on them, but the cards never came with instructions or rules, making them do absolutely nothing. (Crappy pic, I know)

OH HELL NAW! The only thing that can rival videogame characters are the cast from Daredevil. And apparently, there are two Jennifer Garner cards (not that I�m complaining) and one is more powerful than the other for no real reason other than being blue.

There are in fact one ultra mega super card per deck. And the other one is that chick from no one lives forever. That�s tits right there.

But I really bought these cards for these:

Let�s play a game shall we? Spot the character. I just took a couple out and laid them out. I can�t even identify half of the two decks, so I�m leaving it up to you. Have fun.

**Yeah, I�m back. I came back early too. I just couldn�t keep myself away. I checked back once in awhile, but I need to get back in the community. So what did I miss?

And you guys are savages. I left with #93 and I�m now #136.
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