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Smash Bros Brawl is awesome... uh except for one thing

So I bought Smash bros Brawl. Who didn't? And quite frankly I've loved it thus far. The subspace emissary was awesome and was damn long. Even despite it taking me nearly 10 hours to complete, I'm still only at 85%. Those damned doors!

On top of the emissary, there are a crapton of characters. 35 to be exact. And, fortunately, this time around, they're easy as pie to unlock. The vast majority of them can be done by simply finishing SSE. The level creator is a blast, I've already created a bunch of them. Even the coin launcher is fun!

But there's one small thing that.. bugs me about Brawl. The online play is horrible. Perhaps it's just my friends and I here in the northwest, but when we tried playing "anyone" we just wound up sitting around forever while the other 3 spots said "Seeking...". Fortunately, we signed each other up with our Brawl Codes *sigh* and played each other just to see how it worked. The results left much to be desired. Brawl is all about timing and I tell you, it's damn near impossible to do anything related to skill with the amount of lag we were experiencing. At one point it was almost a full 5 second delay. And we only live maybe a mile from each other. I also tried playing my cousin down in Texas and it was just as bad.

Is this just us, or is everyone feeling the same online woes as us?
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