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Dirt Punch - A Minecraft Podcast Appears!

A couple friends and I have been stewing over the idea of starting a Minecraft themed podcast for some time. After realizing there's no time like the present, we decided to jump head first into the podcasting world.

As of the date of this post we have done two episodes and have about 10 more already lined up and ready to go. For the foreseeable future we will probably be releasing an episode a day. The first couple of episodes are three of us Vagrant Artifact, Becky2 and myself, Austenw. We dive into a virgin server and try our hand at SMP. It's been a long time since any of us have played on a straight up, no mods, survival map so it was a lot of fun re-living the reason we began to love Minecraft in the first place.

Around episode 5 or so we plan on showing what we can do when we put our creative powers to good use and starting making some crazier sized creations. Stay tuned and please, for the love of Notch give feedback. The more we get, the better. Thanks!

Due to the fact that I'm apparently an idiot and can't seem to figure out how to convert html to BB and there doesn't appear to be any instructions in sight to embed a YouTube Video, have a link to the first episode!

Check us out on these other sites:

The internet!
Twitter! @DirtPunch
Email! [email protected] (classy!)
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