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So what is this GameZombie?

It has appeared that we have upset a few people with our content, and frankly, i understand why. For that i apologize. Let this blog be an introduction to why we are here, and what we are all about. A few years ago GameZombie. starting mak...


Mega64 Talks to GameZombie.tv

GameZombie.tv interviews Rocco from Mega64. Where he lays down the skinny on how they started, public access TV, working with Shigeru Miyamoto, and the worst trouble they've ever gotten into while making a video. Rocco is a cute, cuddl...


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21, from Bloomington Indiana. I am in college finishing my telecommunications degree. I currently am kicking ass with GameZombie, check us out on youtube @ gamezombieutube (channel).

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