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Fucking amazing. This shit actually works and is good also. I just thought I'd share this info with you, being a beverage guru and all. If you want to try it out they should have some at your local Wal-Mart for only $2.00. I tried thos...



Someone stole my PS2(Katamari Damcy inside), Wii(Super Mario Galaxy inside), COD4 case(no game inside), Lego Star Wars 2 case(COD4 inside), 1 Wiimote, 1 Nunchuck, My 360 controller, My DS, and my fun. This all happened when I was at work...


Upcoming Movie Trailers You Must See! UPDATE

I just got back from the theater and I saw previews for a couple movies and I thought that I would share them with you. Cloverfield: 1-18-08 Jumper: 2-14-08 I Am Legend: 12-14-07 Kung Fu Panda: Summer 2008 AVP: Requiem: 12-25-07 ...



Yesterday I put a poll up concerning what people should be calling the Community Blogs and well there's the results. As for the Other responses here's a breakdown: * turd sammich * Bonds * 007 has a massive dick * cogs ...


VOTE: Click the Happy Lemon!

So I got home today and saw Ron's post about shorten the Community Blogs. Fine. Whatever. I agree with him but I wanted to see what people thought so I made this thingy. Vote for what you think is the best answer if you have a bet...


Pro-Tip Through the Fire and Flames

Just browsing Youtube when I found this little gem from Youtube user zabuza2185. It shows how to tap the whole intro with 2 hands instead of one. Must see video for any Guitar Hero fan.


DTOID + Cloud & Robotnik

So I went to work today all dressed up and had some fun. Here are some pics. Me with Cloud Me with Robotnik Cloud with Robotnik Cloud rocking out! Me with Boss Group photo of employees. I makes Pizza. Also Crank Dat Soul...


"BFG" err... I mean "BFC"

I present you with the Monster "BFC", 32 oz. of yum and wtf. Monster has to be the only company crazy enough to release a 32 oz, and only for $2.99.(fuck Red Bull's 8 oz. for $1.99) Written on the can for those wondering is. "Yeah, you ...



This is the first trailer to be released for Dead Space, a brand new horror game from EA. Looks promising, if the whole game is you by yourself stuck in a dead spaceship overrun by aliens, I think EA might have a winner on their hands. Wh...


Ashley's Boob Physics

I came across this video on Gametrailers comparing boob physics. The first take is from the American version of the game, and the second is from the Japanese version.


NOA Hire 2 New V.P.s

I'm tired me not write much but looks like Nintendo of America is going to hire 2 new Vice Presidents. [Via Aussie-Nintendo]


Sony is Full of Original Ideas!

These are unaltered press shots for Apple's iPod Nano and Sony's new Cyber-shot. I don't even have to mention the other things they have thought of by themselves. [via Engadget]


Fan-Made Alternate Costumes for Brawl

Some of these are amazing. These videos are a must see for Smash Fans. I'd have to say my favorite out of all of them would have to be Funky Kong or Raichu. Most of the shooping is done by a guy named OOZO.


Remember When?

I remember when we all, most of the vent guys, watched this movie once for Shitty Movie Night along time ago. It was hilarious. I was getting it ready for one of the future nights, but the only problem is that I have lost this video and c...


!winrar !HALF-LIFE 2 CONTEST! winrar!

Winning Image! The winner is DRAV3N. If he does not contact me another will be chosen. DRAV3N leave your steam id in the comments below. Thanks to all that participated, but the monkeys are win.(it's a known fact that monkeys are god...



Want a copy of Half-Life 2 for PC? The answer is yes, if you don't already own it. All you have to do is leave a picture of cake in the comments, best cake wins! Enter as many times as you like. Simple enough eh? THE CAKE IS A LIE! T...



I GONNA PLAY SOME GAMES! Join me. GT: tehuber0ne Steam: Tehuberone Friend Code: 028303980981083049809810398409081239038409812390384098123894098123904 CRANK DAT LAZARCAW! Also, LOLS!


Its On.

I challenge all tonight. Especially you Hamsatoid. Also my current armor is awesome.



Shaky cam ftw. Also ghetto bed. Hopefully this lasts. Heres my light progression. 3 RED, 2 RED, 4 RED, Green! (p.s. about a couple minutes in my 360 wouldn't turn off after toweling it. lols.)


MY 360 DIED.

Fuck. Oddly enough I was able to do some stuff when i booted it up while it was red ringed, but in the end it died. Also, fuck.


TehuberOne's Can't Tell TehFuture 3.2 !UPDATE!

This time I cannot tell the future but need your, the community, help. Impossible as it may seem, even I have no idea what's happening the 18th of September. I have asked a few of the well known community member's what they thought was ...


TehuberOne's Can't Tell TehFuture 3.0 !NEED HELP!

This time I cannot tell the future but need your, the community, help. Impossible as it may seem, even I have no idea what's happening the 18th of September. I have asked a few of the well known community member's what they thought was ...


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