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Online Passes: Okay, I'll Play

I have the usual qualms with online passes, most of which have been summed up by Jim Sterling on every second episode of Podtoid, but there is something I'd like to address.

If you're going to make me pay for server costs, you'd best be damn well keeping them running.

Fewer things annoy me more than announcements from publishers telling me that the servers we paid for are being shut down forever after less than two years. If you're going to indulge in this pretense of having us pay $10 for multiplayer access, then I would like access to multiplayer for the entire duration of this console generation, thank you very much.

Furthermore, and this comes back to a point that Mr. Sterling has made previously, if I sell my copy of the game to someone else, I would like to retain my access to the online portion of the game, thank you very much. After all, I purchased the game and the access - if I can't sell the access, then I guess it's mine to keep, then, isn't it?

And here's the other thing, and this goes especially for Electronic Arts: if you're going to charge me for server costs, you'd better bloody well be running servers in Australia. If you live somewhere other than the US, feel free to substitute your country's name into that sentiment.

Few nationalities pay more for their videogames than Australians, who, despite possessing currency worth more than US dollars, will often pay $119.99 for a new release videogame. This, in and of itself, is completely unreasonable, and the exorbitant profit margin should more than make up for any server costs incurred by the consumers, new or otherwise.

No honour among thieves.

I remember when EA simply decided not to setup servers for Australians who had purchased Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii, despite its multiplayer component being the main drawcard for purchasing it in the first place, and despite its multiplayer features being advertised on the box. Presumably this is because they believed it wasn't economically viable to do multiplayer in "such a small market", but you can bet your ass they were still charging $99.99 AU for the privelege. In response to the outcry from Australian gamers, EA's response was not to remedy the server situation, but to offer refunds to everyone misled by the cover.

Now that EA has the gall to charge separately for online access, I'd like my multiplayer thanks, and I'd like it for the long haul.
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