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Acquisition: I Like to Watch


I've never bought a game at midnight, but I've been to many midnight launches.  I guess you could say I'm a midnight launch voyeur.

There's something about all the hoopla and rabid devotion that makes me excited empathically.  The cosplay; the ambient hubbub of nerdy conversations, the mock lightsaber battles; the all-too-typical assortment of cheese-flavoured snacks and energy drinks: it's a guilty pleasure for me.  I can't help but smile knowingly.

I'm not making fun, either - after all, what's sadder, lining up at midnight to buy a videogame, or lining up at midnight to watch people line up a midnight to buy a videogame?  Sometimes I find I just want to be part of something big.

For those of you thinking, wow, this guy's a sicko, allow me to make things worse. I've attended three midnight launches for games I did not buy and could not run.

I guess you could say I like launches more than early-adoption prices.
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