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Poor, Proud, and Country gaming

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Coming Soon: GamerWhore v3.0

Greetings out there Dtoid Nation.... Long time no cblog out there my robot brothers and sisters! As most of you know, I have fallen into that abiss known as XBL over the past few weeks and have all but disappeared from the tubes. I'm her...


Maple Story TV Ad

I saw this ad late last night during a rerun of SouthPark, I thought that Maple story sucked. However, the ad is rather random and only slightly funny, ok, it's stupid. But still, why would they invade TV to advertise a game that sucks th...


About tehArtistone of us since 4:37 PM on 03.04.2007

Everyone seems to be having a difficult time with my recent name change. So I took the time to figure out my password for this account. So I guess I will stay on this one.

Before you take the time to google me, NO I am not the little emo fag from NC named Tyler, so please tell Aaron Linde to stop sending me photo's of himself.

Anything else you wanna know, just ask.


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