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I Typed for Miles

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In defense of The Adventure of Link

Yesterday, I started a playthrough of the Zelda Collectors Disc that came with the Gamecube a few years ago. After plowing through the original LoZ, I lost power at my apartment, so my run through was abruptly put to a halt. After debat...


It's Dangerous to go alone - Play This!

Zelda Gamecube Collector's Edition playthrough courtesy of Its cold and miserable here in southern Missouri today, thus I need to entertain myself while we still have power. I pulled out my old Gamecube, ...


Snow Day Zelda-thon?

So it looks like I am going to be snowed/iced in for the next couple of days and I think I'm going to do a series playthrough. I've got the Zelda grey disc that came with the gamecube preorder a few years ago to take care of Zelda/2/OoT/M...


Olympics Special!

Quick shout out to our athletes in the games right now. I'm having a blast watching this stuff go down. Here's to you guys. Im ready to go march on France now after watching the American's demolish the trash talking bastards in the Men's F...


Mistaken for Strangers - Nintendo's Free Pass

The Wii doesn't do it for me. Yeah, I said it. The company that defined my childhood has become a marriage that neither party is happy with each other, but still codependent on. As long as she has my money to go shopping during the day, re...


Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

<insert generic introduction here!> My name is Ryan. Im a twentysomething gamer living in the midwest where I dabble in excessive drinking, DJ'ing and Convergent Media. When i first hit that power button and that grey box lit up to...


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