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Mistaken for Strangers - Nintendo's Free Pass

The Wii doesn't do it for me. Yeah, I said it.

The company that defined my childhood has become a marriage that neither party is happy with each other, but still codependent on. As long as she has my money to go shopping during the day, relative peace is kept on the homefront.

The 'cube made me feel a little dead on the inside after putting up with complete bull headed tactics of the 64. Nintendo took the few good ideas that they had in the Project Reality era and ran them into the ground and THEN pissed on the remains.

Every major title looks and plays like the same damn game! 3D world, behind the shoulder auto-follow camera that you prayed didnt change at the worst possible time (see also: Ninja Gaiden), bad clipping and face-palming decisions that made little sense. Nintendo continued their heavy handed tactics and dictated to their developers how things were going to be in a time that the industry was changing. During the era, you had Sony, Nintendo, Sega and a few other also-rans that were giving developers real options for the first time in gaming history. There had to be an open dialogue between the first party and the third party to make sure that the gamer was getting the best experience possible. Instead, Nintendo limited access to their developers kits until the end of the console's lifespan and this only helped complicate a machine that had hardware that was held together by wishes, rubber bands and magic fairy dust.

The big N also has this really dangerous habit of throwing the bird to the rest of the industry at any time that they so feel like it. They don't understand that other companies can and do have good ideas.

Lets compare shall we?


Yes, im aware that this was the second psx controller. At least that fucker didnt give me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Which one of these made more sense? This was a classic example of Nintendo being different almost for the sake of being different. The 64 controller was terrible and had only one good use. The same thing happend with the Cube. Weird controller and a proprietary disc format which ended biting them in the ass. Online support? Forget it. Apparently gamers didn't want it.

I still bought my Wii and i share the sentiment that most everyone else does. The thing still stinks to hell of the Big N being smarmy when they know that they can't do that anymore. Congrats on installing a user base for the first time in ten years... NOW DO SOMETHING WITH IT!!! Surprise us! Motivate us! INSPIRE US!!! Look at what other companies are doing well and make it better. Listen to your community and open a dialogue with them again and jump back into the race. It really is ok to be an alternative to the Coke and Pepsi war going on but it doesnt mean you have to make a TAB cola. Be the fuckin' Dr. Pepper for once.
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