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In defense of The Adventure of Link


Yesterday, I started a playthrough of the Zelda Collectors Disc that came with the Gamecube a few years ago. After plowing through the original LoZ, I lost power at my apartment, so my run through was abruptly put to a halt.

After debating on abandoning ship, I ended up retreating to the bedroom. Most of the bad snow and ice had passed here, so I figured it was a matter of time. Boy, was I wrong.

Three hours passed. After the first 45 minutes, I realized that I actually could continue my playthrough on my DS because I was dumb enough to buy the NES series carts on the GBA. I was going to play Zelda II: The Adventure of link on a handheld.

This is the black sheep of the main series and it has been discussed at length including a pretty good AVGN episode.

I just don't buy it. This game is flawed in a lot of places and in addition to those annoyances, this game can be balls hard. Add in the fact that there are several places in this game that you have absolutely no clue in what to do.

It was a big chance in possibly throwing a game that sold so well under the bus in lieu of something completely different. While that may sound like some novel to modern game developers, in the early NES era it wasn't. Where this game falls short is that the system wasn't tweaked and that the developers probably thought that the difficulty curve was right on the money. Whoops.

You will grind in this game a ton. If you lose your life midway through leveling up, sorry about your luck. That counter goes back to zero. Killing something doesn't always grant you experience. If it drops an item, you get nothing for killing it. Picking up an item? You aren't immune and you will still get hit because the game keeps going on despite your inability to move. Your health replenishment is few and far between. This game is brutal.

But its fun and not in a masochistic kind of way. When my parents bought this game for me, I was determined to beat it. Every time I heard the Gannon laugh, I refocused and put on my shitkickers and went to work.

This game will try your patience and it can be cheap. Most likely, you will need a walkthrough, especially once you reach the second half of the game. There are just too many random things that you need to find that the game does no favors for you.

I was reminded of this last night when i was in bed with my DS. Once I hit Death Mountain, I had the phone out for a bit for the map. That place can be brutal and I was pressed for time.

Still, I enjoyed my time with this game and I ended up beating it fairly quickly last night. There isn't a lot left to the imagination once you know where things are here. Its just not that kind of game. I say most of my time was spent grinding while little time was used for the objectives.

If you are younger, and are a Zelda fan, give this a run. Its a good game and its a difficult challenge. I'm still not convinced that this was their best idea at the time and that maybe something else was in the pipe, but it worked.
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