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20 years to Second Life

A over zealous and quite possibly unstable Second Life gamer was arrested in Delaware for attempted kidnapping of her virtual ex-boyfriend. Well, the media report is kind because the virtual ex-boyfriend is in fact a virtual lion in Sec...


Local store GTA IV pre-orders

I just spoke to my local store regarding my pre-order of the GTA IV Special Edition and the manager revealed that I was the only person to pre-order the Xbox 360 GTA IV Special Edition. He went on to break down all the pre-orders for GT...


Pointless GTA IV Intro [rumor]

meh The poster of this video blows. Unless he is a Rockstar North team member who put the video up to see how many hits a pointless video with no game content, spoilers, and anything of value can get in a few days. Then, he is genius.


Viva Pinata meets Diablo?

I am not a big fan on April fools day and practical jokes. Being a school teacher for 16 years.... they get old after awhile. However, thank goodness for the creative minds at Blizzard coming up with some crazy ideas that would be great ...


50th Anniversary Diplomacy!

Avalon Hill... or Wizards of the Coast... or Hasbro... or whoever is the faceless corporation currently controlling our non-electronic gaming has decided to reissue Diplomacy! The new edition has a great new map but from the pictures i...


Why LittleBigPlanet will suck

So, you ask (or maybe you don't), why do I think LittleBigPlanet will suck? It will suck because there is no gameplay component to this game. None. Zilch. Nada. So can I back it up? Sure can. If you watch the GDC video of the game here ...


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You name it, I play it. The only console I don't have is the PS3 and that is by choice. I am proud to still have an Atari 2600 that works! I recently added a Nintendo 64 and Atari 5200 to my collection of classic systems!

I have been a hard core gamer every since I could cross the street to my local Sears to play "Sinbad" pinball. I have had a home gaming console since the original Pong and haven't stopped gaming. I've been lucky to attend 7 E3s, write reviews for several webzines, and have been published numerous times in print regarding education and gaming. If you haven't figured it out, I am a teacher :-)


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