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E3 2013: The Re-Cap



E3 2013 is behind us after a hot week of convention center navigating, but not without leaving a smoldering crater of news in its wake. PS4 and Xbox One details, Wii U and 3DS games by the boat load, and some of the best offerings our current gen has seen yet have made this year’s Los Angeles game show one for books no matter what kind of gamer you are. Put on your name badge, grab that imaginary swag bag, and let’s check out the highlights from the E3 2013 experience.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U premiered its first trailer and is epic as HELL! With nothing but video footage and the reveal of three awesome (and unexpected) new characters, this announcement still managed to be one of the most buzz worthy bits of the week. While the game’s 2014 release date is still unknown, series producer Masahiro Sakurai has promised to update us with new game play screens five days a week from his desk as the project progresses. Like the Smash Bros. Brawl blog reveals before it, the Smash Bros. 4 hype train begins NOW.

                                                    New challengers approaching!

Smash Bros. related and worthy of its own bullet point, Mega Man finally gets his invite to join in the fray, and is his presence EVER being felt. In a series where the director proclaims that he’s “not gonna have just ANY character participate from other companies," this NES veteran is in a class of his own with unique moves that cover all the mega-busting and power stealing you’d come to expect from the blue bomber. It’s still a ways off, but the next gen of Smash couldn’t come soon enough. . .

On the console side, all three major systems are looking great. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all touting good looking stuff with a surprising amount of exclusives all around. Aside from games with the Halo or CoD pedigree, the very impressive Panzer Dragoon successor, “Crimson Dragon,” is one in a pile of Xbox One exclusives that show the system has more than EA and Activision in tow, and the surprise return of Killer Instinct was met with more excitement than Microsoft probably could of hope for. Sony showcased some big names too with the long-awaited announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS4 as well as Final Fantasy XV, and another title in the Infamous series.

              A glass case stands between me and this Xbox One at a Forza media event.

As for systems already out in the wild, Nintendo’s first-party efforts look to be finally baring fruit for the otherwise barren Wii U in the form of the soon-to-be-released Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta 2, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and Mario Kart 8 to name a few. The 3DS is looking equally lush with Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei, and Mario & Luigi offerings all due for release within the next couple months. While the PS Vita didn’t have much quantity to show in terms of new software, Vanillaware is showing love to the Playstation handheld with an enhanced HD port Muramasa as well as the beautiful looking Dragon’s Crown all due out before the end of summer.

                            Super Mario 3D World multiplayer summed up in one pic.

Other next-gen mentionables include Shiji Mikami’s latest project “The Evil Within,” which looks to be more of a sequel to Resident Evil 4 than Resident Evil 5 could have ever wished to be, and destined for both Xbox One and PS4 comes the first meaty gameplay trailer of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Starring “Punished Snake" in a new open world setting, and with the tagline that “every man becomes a demon," I think we’re about to finally see boss' long awaited fall to the dark side. As for the Snake voice change controversy? I love me some David Hayter, but I must admit, Sutherland doesn’t sound too bad. . .

                                                Here’s lookin’ at YOU, next-gen!

All-and-all, this years E3 managed to show plenty for gamers to get excited about both current-gen and next. While I DID wonder where “The Last Guardian” booth was, I leave reassured that this gaming hobby has a future beyond iOS. Until the next time, E3. We’ll be gaming. -T.C.

                            Who was the winner of E3? ME! (Thanks @MadCatz!)
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