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How Rock Band Could Rock Even More

I love Rock Band. A lot. Rock Band is probably one of my all time favorite games. It's almost infinitely accessible to gamers and nongamers, the customization truly makes it a unique experience, and the songs that are included are a he...


Thank you Communitoid!

Words cannot express the surprise and joy that I was feeling yesterday afternoon. This December, let alone this year, has been an extremely hard one for tha yoot. I've been fired, evicted, almost killed(from a car accident), almost killed...



That's right, Dtoid Loyal. I, the one and only Yoot, have decided to loan out my good name and reputation to the highest bidder, and offer my valid, honest, unbiased opinion on whatever derivative dribble they push out onto an unwanting so...


Fare Thee Well: Tazar takes a Hiatus

I know, shocking, isn't it? Due to my inability to handle life, as well as finances, I will be without internet for an extended period of time. That means I will have no Destructoid, no Xbox Live, and next to no Gmail. This really pains ...


Et Tu, Cliffy?

Sit down Gears of War, we need to talk. I've loved you for a very long time now. The nights we spent together fighting the Locust were wonderful. Every chainsaw and boomshot kill felt so amazing, I felt closer and closer to you with ea...


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