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Missed Opportunities

Greetings fellow dtoiders,

Tav7623 here and I'm back ever so briefly from my "holiday" sabbatical to talk about something that's been on my mind for a good part of the year. Now over the course of the year I've been hearing a lot about 25th Anniversary celebrations for Kirby, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy. I've also been hearing about missed opportunities from fans of the Metroid and Mega Man series. Sadly Metroid and Mega Man fans aren't the only ones who have been left out in the cold this year by a lackluster/ lack of a 25th anniversary celebration for their favorite series. If you don't believe me, well let me just list for you some of the other series that also hit their 25th anniversaries this year, but aren't getting,haven't yet gotten and/or only got a very brief/crappy 25th anniversary celebration so far, lets see there's Sam & Max (which has so far only gotten a Steam/PSN/Xbox Live sale), Double Dragon (which got a PSN/Xbox Live remake by Way-forward), Castlevania (which is getting 2 new games in the series due out next year, but no official 25th anniversary celebration so far), Contra (nothing so far), Metal Gear (so far only getting 2 spin off games and maybe a sequel to MSG4, but is other wise in same boat as Castlevania as far as the 25th anniversary is concerned), Phantasy Star (nothing), Maniac Mansion (nothing), and Leisure Suit Larry ( a possible remake.....maybe?). All of these series on top of the ones I mentioned earlier all hit their 25th anniversaries this year, though unlike SF, FF, and Kirby these other series are getting s&*t on by comparison and it's just sad. I mean come on where's the Castlevania 25th anniversary collection/soundtrack (I want to finally be able to play Bloodlines on my PS3 GD!!!!) or a Metal Gear 25th anniversary collection, or a Contra collection or a Phantasy Star anthology for that matter. Most of these series are well known and beloved by fans and gamers alike, it wouldn't kill these company's to take the time to pay a proper tribute to the games series that in most cases helped put them on the map and may well have helped to keep them going financially over the years due to the series massive fan support. Now if you're like me then this is a bit of a slap in the face and it probably pisses you off just thinking about it (I know the Mega Man fans definitely are), which leads me to pose a couple of questions to all of you which I will get to here shortly.

Before I get to those questions I'd like to take a quick detour and discuss why some of these series won't be seeing a 25th anniversary and it pretty much boils down to one thing. The company that originally made the games went under and the series was sold off to another developer which would or already has led to some issues in obtaining the rights to the earlier games. In the case of Capcom, Nintendo, and Konami though it's inexcusable since they still own these series and can do proper 25th anniversary celebrations and have in some cases demonstrated that they can do it. Instead of doing that they blatantly ignore these series 25th anniversaries over petty shit like trying to bury a series after having a huge fight with the games original creators (Capcom) or because it's a series that is popular around the world except for the country of the series developer (Nintendo) or because it appears that the company has basically gone batsh!t insane due to poor internal communication and petty management who seem to like punishing fans by delaying/botching games they shouldn't have all because they are to busy having a pissing match with members of the video game media who hurt their fee fees (Konami). Now i ask you, do you agree or disagree? Should companies show their appreciation to fans by releasing/celebrating their game series' __anniversaries or should they just stop doing them all together? On a slightly different note, of the series that have yet to receive an "official" 25th Anniversary celebration which one would you like to see have one? and what would you like to see in a "hypothetical" 25th Anniversary Collection for them? As for me well I'd personally love to see a multi-disc (potentially HD) Castlevania Anniversary Collection that comes with all the games in the series (including the handheld games & Lords of Shadow with all of it's DLC), a 2 disc 25th Anniversary soundtrack and a 75 page book on the series' history (with never before released info/pics/art) all housed in a miniature of Dracula's castle that opens up for the PS3, Xbox 360,Wii U, and/or PC....but between you and me we all know that ain't gonna happen.

Well I think that will do it for this week, I should be back after the holidays with some new blog posts and possibly some game reviews as well. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment in the comment section down below, happy gaming, and I wish y'all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
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