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Halo 3 Hater's Club

I know I am not the only person here who thinks Halo is crappy compared to PC FPSs and is driven mad by the amount of hype it receives. My hate for the series inspired me to form the Halo 3 Hater's Club. If you wanna join just post about ho...


Mugen. Also, Spam.

I just played Mugen on a friends laptop and he had tons of great characters. I was wondering is anyone knew where I could download a character pack or something with characters from a few sources? Am I spamming yet.


TUNA! edit

I am ranked Tuna (like the fish that lives in a can) . I hope I am not put into a can with some damn dolphin(sorry Chad).


I am rad for free.

Thats right I Taumpytears am rad and do not charge for my radness. For those of you to young to know what rad is these are some examples. RIGHT IN THE BABY MAKER!!! These dudes are totally rad... and a little gay. But mostly rad. And here ...


Destructoid-The most awsome thing ever?

I have been reading Destructoid for over a year now(my account is not that old) and it is the only online community I have ever cared about. This is the most creative, funny and unique community on the entire internet. Niero is a visionary,...


New banner

hey check out my new non god of war banner, I just got photoshop and threw it together so it is my first real attempt at something like this. Let me know what you think.


Epic Edit: Now with 100% more cock

What did you expect a good post? From me? What are some of your favorite bands? I like anything from Mike Patton, Sabbath, Gogol Bordello(Bonus points if you know of them) plus a whole lotta other shit. EDIT: I fail at embeding


A New Laptop

Hello Everyone a friend of mine is getting ready to buy a new laptop and asked if I would help him choose which one to buy. He would like a small laptop with a 12 to 15 inch screen with a decent battery and is fairly fast. He will not be ne...


My New Computer

Hello everyone I have just finished building my first gaming PC, It has a 640 mb video card, 2 gigs of ram, 500 gig harddrive, and a 3.0 dual core processor. I was just wondering if anyone has ang good game or application suggestions.



Amazon is giving away a free legal download of Voltron ,one of the coolest robots around. The downside is that they make you download their video program but I think it is still worth Checking out.


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