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Every once in a while you see a movie, while not explicitly violent or sexual or whatever is still creepy as all Hell. A Czech version of Alice in wonderland, creativity titled Alice is one of those movies.

Alice in wonderland is a bit creepy on it's own, as are many of the things Disney made movies about. This version is a mix of live action and stop motion. I know what you are thinking,"w
Whats so bad about stop motion? You mean like Robot Chicken and shit right?" Well this is a bit different. Where Robot Chicken uses toys and clay Alice uses dead animals. Let me repeat that, ALICE USES REAL FUCKING DEAD ANIMALS! The white rabbit it a stuffed rabbit that eats its stuffing out of a hole in it's chest(coincidentally where it keeps it's time piece).

It doesn't stop there when ever a character talks it zooms in on Alice's mouth while she narrates the whole bizarre thing! She even turns into a creepy doll.

Overall I get the impression that a creepy man made this movie and he wanted it to seem really deep. Watch it you you thing you may get a kick out of it, i did. But I would not consider it a good movie by any measure.
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